Obesity is a significant issue that affects people worldwide. Statistics suggest that about 41.9% of the American adult population[1] is obese. The rate has been steadily increasing over the last few decades and continues to pose a significant burden to public health sectors. What is alarming is many people fail to realize that belly fat is more hazardous than fat stored in other parts of the body.

Looking for exercises to lose belly fat is a great way to not only reduce fat in your abdomen but also help you lose weight overall. In this guide, we will explore how you can target this fat and optimize your exercise program.

Why is belly fat dangerous?

Obesity is considered dangerous as it increases the risk of heart disease, heart attacks, and premature deaths.

Throughout history, we have been relying on the Body Mass Index (BMI) to determine whether someone is obese or not. However, not all fat is created equal. The distribution of fat in our bodies varies, and according to experts[2], the fat that accumulates around the abdomen is the most hazardous of all.

It is important to remember that your abdomen houses some of your most essential organs. As fat gets stored in this area, it starts to move around your organs[3] and restrict their function. This puts you at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, liver conditions, and even diabetes, especially when compared to the fat that accumulates around your hips.

Optimizing your workout program to focus on fat loss

To effectively lose fat, you should concentrate on decreasing your total body weight while also implementing techniques that specifically target belly fat. This approach can help decrease the risks associated with having excess fat stored in your abdomen, which can lead to serious health problems.

To achieve effective fat loss, you need to prioritize two things. First, you should engage in cardio exercises to burn off the excess calories in your body, as this is how you will burn through the fat. Second, you should focus on building lean muscle mass in addition to cardio to ensure optimal results. Researchers have discovered that lean mass helps you burn more fat[4], as it increases your metabolism.

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The best exercises to lose belly fat

You now have a better idea of why it’s important to target belly fat if you want to lose weight, reduce your risk of obesity-related conditions, and be healthier.

Let us now talk about exercises for belly fat. We’ll be sharing several exercises that you should consider including in your training program.

You’ll notice that we focus on a combination of different exercises to lose belly fat. That’s going to add balance to your program, and also ensure you’re able to target your belly fat with different approaches.

Burning fat with cardio

First, let’s start with cardio. When it comes to cardio, you need to focus on exercises that get your heart rate up and help you burn calories. These are exercises that you’ll usually do at relatively high intensities.

In this section, we will discuss a few home workouts that can help you lose belly fat. To avoid getting bored with your routine over time, you may prefer to incorporate a range of cardio exercises that target different muscle groups.

  • Walk or run on an incline: Running or even taking a brisk walk is a great way for beginners to start working on their fitness. However, you can take things up a notch and decide to walk or run on an incline. This could include using an adjustable treadmill to use the platform at an angle. Alternatively, consider heading out and looking for a road that goes upward at an angle.

  • A rowing machine: Rowing machines are also great when it comes to cardio exercises. It gives you a full-body workout. In addition to being a cardio exercise, rowing machines also help to target a variety of muscles throughout your body. This means it gradually increases your lean mass while you’re burning through excess fat in your body.

  • Cycle your fat away: If you’re someone for adventure, then cycling might also be a great choice. Pick a hiking trail and get on your bike. Of course, you don’t need to limit yourself to only cycling outdoors. Get an indoor cycler - they’re just as useful when it comes to getting your heart rate up and burning through calories. Cycling helps with cardiovascular and lung health as well.

  • Swim laps: Another cardio exercise that you can consider is swimming. This is another full-body workout, but the great thing about swimming laps is the fact that it’s not hard on your body. Some activities, like running, put a lot of stress on your body, but swimming is considered a low-impact exercise. It is still very effective at burning calories and building muscle.

Together with your cardio training, consider using NUU3 Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies. These gummies contain apple cider vinegar as the main active ingredient, which has several benefits for anyone who’s trying to lose weight. Some find that apple cider vinegar also helps to avoid spikes in blood sugar after a meal, and may also help with insulin sensitivity - both of which are benefits that can contribute to your weight loss goals.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

Next, we’re going to take a closer look at HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training. It’s a type of training technique that has become quite a trend in the last couple of years.

Training programs that involve high-intensity exercises at intervals often include lower-intensity workouts in between sets. Several rounds of the workout are completed in HIIT. This workout is great for burning calories and is usually done at about 80% of your max heart rate. Let's take a look at a couple of sample exercises that could be a part of your HIIT program:

  • Row with intensity training: Rowing is an excellent activity, as we’ve already explained. It works your entire body and is both a cardio exercise and helps you build lean mass. During HIIT, you can add rowing at a high intensity to help get you to the right level to burn more fat. You’ll generally row for short periods at a time, before taking a short rest and moving on to the next workout.

  • Sprint using HIIT: Another excellent option is sprinting. You’ll do this at a fast pace, and usually in place. Sprinting is going to get you close to your ideal heart rate while exercising, burn calories, and help you lose fat.

  • Switch between muscle groups: It’s important to keep balance in mind as you navigate HIIT programs. This means as you switch between different exercises, you have to ensure you focus on all of your muscle groups. There are also a couple of exercises that offer a full body workout - use this, as well as more targeted options, to help you create good balance.

  • Try an abs interval workout: The best stomach exercises will usually focus on building your abs. And yes, these can even be included in a HIIT training program. Pushups and situps are two excellent options, which you can do in intervals as you move through different exercises in one session.

HIIT can be quite demanding, so pairing it with a supplement like NUU3 Nature’s Superfuel is a great way to boost your energy and stamina. The variety of nutrients you get from this supplement also improves your immune system and helps you feel healthier.

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Working your abs

Remember we talked about the fact that lean mass is really good for cases where you want to lose fat? When you do strength training exercises, you burn fat and build lean mass. Our focus here, however, will be on your abs - you are, after all, trying to get rid of belly fat.

  • Try side planks: The exercise is quite simple to do, and it’s great for improving your form and building strength at the same time. It’s similar to the regular plank that you might have done before. However, this time, you’re going to lie on your side. You’ll use the arm that’s on the ground to lift your body while keeping your spine straight. Your feet need to be on the ground. Keep the other arm rested on your body, then hold this position.

  • Work on push-up walkouts: Regular push-ups are great, but you can take things a step further and do some walking push-ups. They’re great for cardiovascular training but also build strength and lean mass. Apart from your abs, these exercises will also target your chest, shoulders, triceps, and middle back.

  • Do bird dogs: This is inspired by a yoga pose and also requires you to hold a specific position for a few seconds. Start by standing on your hands and knees - get a yoga mat underneath you for support. Stretch your left leg out backward until it aligns straight with your body, and push your right arm forward. Hold the position, and then switch legs and arms.

  • Add reverse crunches: Another alternative version of a popular exercise, reverse crunches are great for targeting the fat in your belly, while also working on your abs. For a reverse crunch, lie down on your back. Bring your knees up into the air, while your feet remain on the ground. Now, slightly lift your feet and keep them off the ground. To do the crunch, you need to bring your legs into the air and lift your buttocks upward at the same time.

  • Try arm-hops: You can also include a few arm-hop exercises in your program. There are a couple of different options here, such as one-arm hops and the lateral hop steps with arm swing. Explore the different options to find one that works for you.

Apart from exercising, eating healthy and getting the right nutrients into your body is also important. A supplement like the NUU3 Multivitamin Gummies can be a great choice when you want to ensure you get the right vitamins and minerals to support your body at a cellular level.


What exercise burns the most belly fat at home?

High-intensity interval training is one of the best options when it comes to burning fat at home. However, you shouldn’t overlook the potential of building muscle mass when trying to lose belly fat.

Does holding in your stomach help flatten it?

No, holding your stomach in isn’t going to flatten it or get rid of fat. But, you can still use this as an exercise to give you more control over contracting muscles in your abdomen.

How long does it take to flatten the stomach?

It depends on where you’re at. If you’re not obese, you might begin to see results in about two weeks. However, it may take up to 12 weeks to flatten your stomach in some cases.


Losing belly fat can be challenging since it is considered the most harmful type of body fat. However, with the right approach, you can start reducing your belly fat and improve your overall health. To get started on your journey, you can start with the exercises to lose belly fat we shared in this article.


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